The Marvelous Awards an International Design Contest prompts online submission keeping in mind the convenience of entrants.

Architectural Designers, Transportation Designers, Product Designers, Fashion Designers, Developers, Photographers, Film Makers, Films Studio, Engineers, Technologists, Business owners, Students, and an individual with no age limit or team can enter the contest and are encouraged to participate with their prototype or complete work.

To insure the quality of being wise, there can be more than one winner in a category. An impartial panel of jury determining a rating scale of 100 points. Entries with a score between 85 and 100 points are the title winners. With a score between 70 and 84 points are 1st runner-up and between 50 and 69 points are 2nd runner-up.

Inspiring the next generation and prestige of the Marvelous Awards supported in large part by the high caliber of the juries that convene to review submissions. Marvelous Awards nominated juries insure high standards of quality who exemplify diversity in professional experience, geography, gender, and ethnicity.

The Marvelous Awards an International Design Contest are divided into 6 Awards Programs- Architectural Design, Transportation Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Photography and Short Film.

EXPERTISE                       ENTRY FEE       

PROFESSIONAL                    $12                                                

AMATEUR                             $6

You may submit an entry into multiple categories.

Entry fee will be same as mentioned above for entries.

Entry fees must be paid for multiple entries at the same time while paying for the first entry in order to be counted as “additional entries”. An entry fee paid at a later time will be counted as a “first entry”.

The first award program will be charged as per the original submission fee. Each of additional categories will be charged at $12 for Professionals and for Amateur $6.

To qualify for evaluation entry submitted must be original and entrant’s own work.


Marvelous Awards is an International Design Contest which offers fair opportunities to test designers and artisan their ideas, skills and professional expertise. It delivers choice and inspiration to highlight the revolutionary design and designers and adds gravity to influence futuristic business strategies.

Contest managed by Marvelous Awards are juried by the industry experts who are selected carefully considering their expertise, achievements and availability. The panel of jury promises to adorn the virtue and follows best practice criteria of selecting winners. Their aim is to uplift the futuristic minds and comfort the emergence of new talent across the world.

There are many different reasons for entering the contest, which should be deliberately scrutinized before making investment of time. Winning an ethical contest and award can raise profile and create new business opportunities. It provides valuable experience for an individual and team that will prove to be a milestone for a successful career and can be tremendously rewarding for the industry professionals.

Minimal Entry Fee
Multiple Award Programs
Simple Online Submission
An Impartial Judging Panel
Collectable Trophy
Raise Profile
Gain Valuable Experience
Lifetime Recognition
Get International



Before you enter the awards you build mental toughness, improve your ability to fulfill the requirements and meet the jury's expectations. To gain substantial experience, you uncover your personal aptitude. An International Design Contest also encourages professionals to adopt innovative techniques and develop ideas and skills.

Marvelous Awards can spur the invention of new or better products, or more efficient processes. Here contestants may race to be the first to market a new or different technology with exciting briefs. Your innovation benefits consumers across the world with new and better products, it also helps drive economic growth and increases standards of living.

As winner you get an opportunity to work on projects so big, build relationship with clients that you may not have had the opportunity to work with normally. It directly leads your unique design to people's home. Most importantly Marvelous Awards gives a precious platform to praise, honor and showcase your work to the cosmos of design and art.